The Unusual One

Playboy Editor in Chief, Hugh Hefner, has one of the most interesting natal charts I have ever seen. He was born with a t square of Saturn in SCORPIO (rules sex) square Neptune (rules glamour), square Jupiter (exaggerates or makes bigger).

In the middle of this t square was his 9th House (rules publishing) in TAURUS ruled by Venus (his Venus is conjunct the Moon in PISCES…the only 2 female planets). He was also born with the Sun and Mercury in the 8th House (rules sex) and the ruler Pluto is in his 10th House (Career House) indicating a career having to do with sex or things that aren’t out in the open.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Nick Ut/AP/REX/Shutterstock

When he first published Playboy in 1953, talk about sex was way taboo. His Sun in ARIES in the 8th also indicates he was a pioneer for sex (ARIES rules leader, trailblazer, first to do something) being out in the open. What I really found interesting is on the cusp of his 7th House (Relationship House), he was born with Uranus there. And what does Uranus rule? It rules all things “odd”, “different”, “unusual”. He was known to have many girlfriends all at the same time, that may seem a bit “odd” or “unusual” (to most of yall…some not so much 🖐). Uranus also rules revolution, he clearly was a huge part of the sexual revolution. He was a man of integrity, he said he never cheated on his women because they all knew about each other. And there you have it. RIP Hugh.



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