Three American Princesses

Meghan Markle won’t be the first American to marry into a royal family. To be more specific, she won’t be the first American that was in entertainment to marry a prince.

In 1948, Rita Hayworth left her acting career to marry Prince Aly Khan but eventually filed for divorce in 1951. In 1956, Grace Kelly abandoned the lights of Hollywood to marry Prince Rainier, Prince of Monaco. Kelly was killed in 1982 when she crashed her car. Meghan Markle will marry Prince Harry this Spring. This is not a comparison that she will suffer some horrible fate for marrying in the a royal family, but I bet she already knows how much scrutiny her life will be under. I hear that she plans to continue acting and that she was on the short list to be a Bond Girl. Somehow I can’t see her in a love scene or frolicking in a bikini and that being fine and dandy with the royals. I think potentially she has enough appeal to have the type of popularity the Prince’s mother had, Princess Diana, she can also give outsiders more of a window into the family’s life which is super private. It wasn’t until Diana came along that gave the world some sense of life at Buckingham. Meghan had better saddle up because every single thing she does will be under a microscope and in the headlines….just like Princess Diana.



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