Transiting Neptune Changing The Game

Since Neptune entered the sign it rules, PISCES♓, in 2012, things belonging to the sign have become prominent. Neptune and PISCES♓

Together rule movies, television, drugs, and addiction. Since 2012, all of these things have definitely become more visible. From more diverse television, movies, legalization of marijuana, and the unfortunate opioid crisis, Neptune is doing it’s thing. Currently, transiting Neptune is at 14° PISCES♓, halfway through the sign. Each Zodiac sign is about 30°. We are seeing great results even at the halfway mark. Directors, Ryan Coogler and Ava Duvernay, have made history in the film industry. This weekend was the first time ever that African Americans held the number 1 and 2 spot at the box office. Coogler still riding number one with blockbuster, Black Panther and Durvenay coming in second with A Wrinkle In Time. If this is any indication of what’s ahead, this is good news for everybody behind the 8 Ball in Hollywood. Good work, Neptune. Neptune will be in PISCES♓ until 2025.



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