Transits Show Charlie Sheen Will Face Lawsuits, Health Issues & Gain Clarity

#CharlieSheen And The 6th House

This morning on the #TODAYShow, Charlie Sheen revealed that he is #HIV Positive and paid out millions to keep it secret. He said, he paid up to 10 million dollars due to being blackmailed. Looking at his #natalchart, I first look to his 6th House (House of Health), which in his case is ruled by #SCORPIO with #Mars (rules #sexdrive) and #Neptune (rules the immune system ), that is classic for “sexually transmitted disease”. Of course there are other people born with these planets in their 6th House that don’t have sexually transmitted disease, but the transits to Charlie’s 6th House and his reported #addiction/behavior have made the difference. Saturn spent the last 2 years passing through his 6th brings everything to the surface.

During the 2 year #Saturn transit through his 6th, he was in the news about his #addiction issues and living with his “#goddesses” (3 #pornstars he called his #girlfriends ). Transiting Saturn is going to square his #natal Saturn and his natal #Pluto (his 6th House ruler) for the next 3 to 4 months, I am suspecting he may have some health issues that will peak during that time. Transiting Neptune is going to be square his North and #SouthNodes for the next year or so shaking up his past personal connections….expect some #lawsuits from people that he may have put at risk. With all this going on, Pluto is going to be trine his his #Uranus-Pluto conjunction and sextile his Saturn and Neptune for the next couple of years, so he will still be active in his #career. These transits, especially with the Neptune transit has been his “ Come to #Jesus” moment which is what he’s needed for some time. Neptune rules addiction and #spirituality, often times when someone goes through these times they come out with great clarity and look at life differently. Another #celebrity that had a similar Neptunian experience recently who will more than likely see life differently is #LamarOdom.



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