Understanding Astrology

I am asked this question quite often along with why do I believe in astrology. To answer the latter, since Ive studied it I understand it, without an understanding of astrology I would never believe that it was real. In fact before I started to study it I didn’t believe it.
The daily horoscopes that I would see I thought was complete crap. Since I now write a daily and a weekly horoscope there is some truth to it. This type of astrology is more like ‘kindergarten’ astrology and not ‘real ‘ astrology.
Real astrology can not only diagnose the bigger issues in your life, it can explain why your love life is in the state it’s in, why you hate your job, and describe your personality. It is really a way to be in tune with the daily rhythm of life. Yes, a Saturn transit can make your life difficult for a few months, but even a quick Moon transit can bring you a shot of happiness.
I just came out of a cycle where transiting Saturn was squaring my natal Sun for nearly a year. Ok, the Sun is our vitality and Saturn restricts and makes things heavy. I knew that cycle would end when it did because I know my transits, and know how long they will last. Knowing it was coming made it more bearable. Saturn or not so good transits are necessary to make us evolve and grow.
Astrology is more than trying to prepare for a storm, it’s here to help us fully understand our strengths and weaknesses. Also to help understand that no matter how hard we try some things just aren’t going to work, and other times we get that break where things really work. For me, it’s good to know a bad day is just that…a bad day.