Unlucky Winner?

I happened to catch the story of Marie Holmes last night on Iyanla Fix My Life…quite interesting. I scoured the internet to find some birth data for her, but wasn’t successful. When people win large sums of money like this, a Uranus and Jupiter aspect is somewhere in the mix. Mars-Jupiter Mercury-Jupiter, Jupiter-Uranus, Pluto-Venus or some similar combination can all trigger a win. Jupiter rules “luck” and abundance, Uranus rules shocking/unexpected, Pluto rules transformation, and Venus rules money/luxury.

Each lottery winner would have a different play of these aspects in their individual charts. We always see or hear in the news how the lottery ruined people lives…not always. Some of the winners could have a strong Saturn-Venus aspect that would allow them to be responsible and disciplined with their winnings. The transformation is so sudden (Uranus) and the winnings so massive (Jupiter) the transformation (Pluto) that there is hardly a chance to adjust to the new wealth. Not to mention the difficult transits after the win that indicate betrayal or being swindled out of the winnings. We all have had a combination of these planets at some point in lives…just wasn’t meant to be and some how this event happened because her soul needs it to evolve. I may have bought 3 lottery tickets in my entire life. I get very annoyed with the person holding up the line when I am buying gas with the composition notebook filled with numbers buying tickets… making me late..cause I am always on time 🤗. Astrology is not designed for gambling, but these transits can be calculated with a lot time to see when is a better time to play and increase the odds. I am more keen on working on things in our life we can control and not leaving it in the hands of fate..that can lead to an addiction. I hope Holmes can get things on track with her life after being shook down on tv by Van Zant 😐. She appears to be a prime example that money can’t buy happiness.



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