What Does It Mean When Venus Squares Saturn?

Having a Venus – Saturn aspect in your chart can be a bit difficult for a woman. We all know that Vanessa Williams, former Miss America, Grammy winning recording artist, movie and television star. She has Venus conjunct Saturn in her natal chart. Whenever Venus has a challenging aspect like Saturn, it can make one believe that they need to ‘earn’ love, and that they may not be worthy of it. Saturn represents restrictions and limitations and Venus represents love and beauty. Saturn makes us work hard for things, and with this aspect, it can be hard to find our true value. It can make one feel not attractive enough, so they may always try really hard to ‘look just right’.

We’ve all seen women that look too put together, hair makeup, just too perfect all the time. Many beauty queen contestants have this aspect. The problem with this is that women who have it are usually attractive, but they don’t quite believe it. They are usually late bloomers too, because Saturn delays whatever it touches and makes us work extra hard to get it.

Michelle Pfeifer, Brooke Shields and Gisele Bundchen all have either Venus conjunct Saturn or Venus square Saturn.