Violence & Destruction Ruled The Paris Attacks

#Paris #France #November 13, 2015

The current #FrenchGovernment is referred to as “The #5thRepublic. “ On the night of the horrific attacks, transiting #Saturn was opposite France’s #natal Mars (Mars rules violence, and is also the Ascendant ruler of the country) and is transiting the country’s 9th House (House of #InternationalAffairs).

Transiting Saturn was also square France’s natal #Pluto (Pluto rules death and destruction ), which is the ruler of the country’s 8th House (House of Death/Loss). The local transiting mid heaven at the time of the attacks was exactly opposite France’s natal #Venus and transiting Venus and #Mars was conjunct natal Venus in the 7th House (House of Relationships /Partnerships), this indicates how all the allies supporting France will he coming together.

Also transiting Ascendant was conjunct France’s Moon (Moon is the traditional ruler for “ #Lunatic” which the terrorists can be called). This is a difficult read if you aren’t versed in #astrology, I know. Best I could do to put in layman terms. This is called “mundane astrology”, it’s astrology dealing with something that is non living, like this event.



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