What Is A Transit?

I get asked this a lot because of the posts I write like, “transiting Saturn is square his natal Venus” etc. There are people that read my posts that find them interesting and yet don’t understand the language. That’s fine. My purpose is to show how asteology works and I try to make it as understandable as I can.

So, what the heck is a transit you ask? It is the continuous movement of the planets. Our birth chart is a snap shot of the planets at the exact moment of our birth. The planets continued to move after we were born, for example 100 years ago when I was born, Saturn was transiting through AQUARIUS (right now Saturn is transiting through SAGITTARIUS). Because of the time I was born, AQUARIUS is in my 5th House and Saturn was at 19° AQUARIUS in my birth chart. The planets continue to “transit” or move through out the zodiac making aspects or connections to the placement of the planets when we were born triggering different events in our lives. Right now in Los Angeles it is 9 38 am and the Sun is bright. Somewhere in India it is night time dark…the Sun is “transiting” or moving. There might be people who read these posts that are 10 times more advanced than I, some on my level and some just beginning, I still aim to make my posts easy and interesting to read.



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