What Is Your Ascendant Sign?

Your Ascendant or Rising Sign is the sign that was rising in the east at the exact moment of your birth. The Ascendant is the mask thaat we wear or our public face. It is how others view us and how we view the outside world. Simply put, our Ascendant is what others see, our Sun sign is what they actually get.

What we look like physically naturally comes from our parents and past ancestors. In astrology, the signs that are at the main angles of our natal chart has a lot to do with our physical appearance. @Beyonce is a great example of her Ascendant.

She is a Virgo Sun with a Leo Ascendant. Features of those with Leo as their Ascendant are: – Strong features, Wide Forehead
– Thick and Fair Hair, usually Blonde or Red – Physical body shape usually proportioned well and harmonious with a rather tall statue and long legs.
– Herculean Type Disposition
– A general appearance of nobleness, pride and harmony.
– Their favorite colors are usually orange or gold.”