When Neptune Changes Signs

The 6th anniversary of the death of Whitney Houston. Neptune entered PISCES♓ on February 5, 2012, days before Whitney passed away. I always found it interesting that Princess Grace, Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Diana, Vivien Leigh, Jane Russell, and Judy Garland all passed away as Neptune was about to or had entered a new sign.

All of these women were known for their glamour and beauty through television, movies, magazines, etc……all ruled by Neptune. Neptune is the overall ruler of all things glamorous and sparkling. Many of these women also dealt with the darker side of Neptune, too. That darker side being drug and alcohol abuse when it was time to escape from reality. Their lives were indeed glamorous and charming, but when the applause stops and the realization that nothing lasts forever…that escapism from the real world can lead to substance abuse. Of course there are glamorous women who don’t have these issues, but having a strongly aspected Neptune does have a potential dark side.



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