Where’s Nicki?

Nicki Minaj has been off the social media scene since the end of December. Her absence is feeding rumors that she is in rehab for Percocet addiction issues. There is no hard core evidence of that, but her transits do suggest something has been going on that’s not been favorable.

In November of 2017, transiting Saturn was conjunct her Neptune-Venus conjunction….and square her natal Moon. Neptune and the Moon aspecting a square and conjunction from Saturn which is her 12th House (rules addiction) ruler does reek a possible issue with addiction. The good thing about her transits now is that they do suggest a focus of rebuilding, transiting Saturn is in sextile range of her natal Saturn and her midheaven and she’s about to have her Jupiter Return ….preparing to come back in a big public way. Also this Fall transiting Jupiter will be going over her natal Uranus, Sun, Venus, and Neptune. She must be preparing a new album because that Jupiter transit will bring a new life to her career. #RealAstrologyWayne #astrology #nickiminaj #PsychicReading #Zodiacsigns #Zodiacfacts #Astrologyfacts #dailyhoroscopes #horoscopes



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