Why Do Brides Wear Veils?

Astrology is one of many things passed on to us from the ancient Greeks. A bride’s veil came from them as well. The bride’s would wear yellow or red veils in order to scare off evil spirits and demons.

This led to the father “giving the bride away” because she couldn’t see where she was going walking down the aisle. The veils also served to cover the bride’s face from her future husband, especially in arranged marriages. Marriages back then were business deals, if the groom saw the bride before hand and didn’t find her attractive, he would call off the wedding leaving shame on the family of the bride. This way they were already at the altar….and was too late to turn back. This is where the superstition of it being “bad luck” to see the bride before the wedding. Oh, and did you know the purpose of bridesmaids was to be decoys for the bride so the demons couldn’t figure out who was getting married?? And some of y’all have the nerve to think Astrology is ridiculous :smile::smile: #RealAstrologyWayne #astrology #brides #bridalveils #ancientgreeks



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