Winnie Harlow – The Unusual Beauty

Winnie Harlow gained popularity when she was a contestant on America’s Next Top Model. She is using her popularity as an activist and spokesperson for those with the same condition as her, vitiligo. I don’t have a birth time for her, but using her birth info I spotted her “unusual” beauty.

She was born Uranus-Neptune trine to Venus in her natal chart…follow this…Uranus rules “unusual/different”, Neptune rules glamour, and Venus rules beauty….an unusual, glamorous beauty. She was also born with Mars square Venus giving her sex appeal, and she has a Venus-Saturn opposition which usually is not such a good thing, but in Vedic Astrology, Venus and Saturn are “great friends”, basically …they work well together. She should be a clear inspiration for those of us who aren’t comfortable in our own skin.



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