Women On The Move In Aquarius

When I saw this I checked to planetary transits and there it was. Transiting #Venus today is at 3° AQUARIUS♒.



Venus rules women while AQUARIUS♒ rules new age and #feminism#Women have already made major strides in equal rights and pay, but this indicates that their purpose will advance since we are in fact in the #AgeOfAQUARIUS♒. Some people always say Astrology is fake and can’t affect human behavior. Do the planets affect our behavior? Not at all. Astrology works because it mirrors what’s happening here on Earth. I don’t think an Astrologer planned this (maybe I guess), it’s only reflecting what’s going on right here. Probably not many of the women are versed in Astrology and just picked this date not knowing that Venus had just entered the sign that rules rebellion and fighting for the collective…AQUARIUS♒. As Above, So Below. #Astrology is real. #RealAstrologyWayne #astrology#venusinaquarius. Note I was just told that this date is the anniversary of #Trumptaking office. They didn’t know Venus was in or would be in #AQUARIUS 😎



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