Yoruba Religion Orisha Yemaya

Yoruba Religion: Orisha Yemaya

The deity, Yemaya, is one of the most powerful Orishas in Santeria/Yoruba religion. She is the mother over all living things and rules over motherhood, and owns all the waters on Earth. She gave birth to the stars, the Sun, and Moon and all the other Orishas. She is nuturing and protective of her children and will bring wrath to those who harm them. She is not only a loving mother, but is a fierce warrior as well. Mothers, rape survivors, women dealing with other jealous and spiteful women patronize her for assistance. She is regarded as the big sister of Oshun, and there is a bit of sibling rivalry. The slaves chose Our Lady of Charity as the Catholic saint to hide their prayers to Yemaya. Her colors are blue and white and her feast day is September 7.



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