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Yoruba Religion: Shango : God Of Fire And Thunder

With recent talk of Beyonce’ honoring Ochun in her recent video, it is a good time to post about the other Orishas. Many people had never heard of an ‘Orisha’ or maybe heard but did not understand until a few days ago. You do not have to be of Arican descent or a worshipper of Santeria/Yoruba to have some knowledge about it.

There about 401 Orishas, but generally there a few that most people work with. Shango is the Orisha that rules over fire, thunder, drumming, dancing, and male virility. He was the 4th King of the ancient Oyo Empire. After he died and went to the heavens, his enemies houses caught on fire. This is how he became the god of fire and thunder.

During the slave trade, once the slaves were forbidden to practice their native religion, they attached Shango to the Catholic patron saint Santa Barbara. To this day some worshippers have statues of Santa Barbara in honor and representation of Shango. His colors are red and white, and his feast day is December 4th.



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