You Want To Be Famous?

Living in a city where there are more people than not who want to be famous, meeting someone who doesn’t give 2 f*cks about being a star was a surprise. I did a chart for a young lady who just moved to Los Angeles to be with her fiancee from Gastonia, North Carolina.

When I looked at her natal chart, she had a strongly aspected Ascendant and midheaven. On top of that her natal Neptune (rules glamour/tv/film) was having a really big transit. Seeing this I assumed she moved to LA to work as an actor or in some type of entertainment, and was about to get her break. I was wrong. She has absolutely no desire to be in entertainment and never has. She is a beautiful girl with big white smile, but she doesn’t desire fame. That rarely happens not only in LA, but a lot people want to know if they are going to be a rock star……and even if it’s not written in the stars I still think anything is still possible.

The fame transit this young lady is having has to do with her receiving some award back in North Carolina at her church. Fame is relative I suppose, she is “famous” in her community and church, but is not interested in being a Hollywood celebrity. With the instant fame of reality stars and what not, some people would sell their soul to be in the spotlight. Fame is ruled by LEO because LEO rules legacy…what kind of impression we leave when we are gone on to our next life. It’s ok to want fame and fortune because there are some real perks, but they are some sacrifices, too. Big stars have to deal with paparazzi, no private life, every mistake you make is in the headlines, rumors, not knowing who their real friends are, trusting the people around them etc. Famous people are meant to walk that road because some how their soul needs it to evolve. Some famous people have admitted that it can be very hard and lonely…not to mention how difficult it can be when the applause stops.



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