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Welcome to PsychicWayne

Psychic Wayne is a professional Tarot reader and third-generation psychic based in Southern California.

Even from an early age, Wayne knew he had an intuitive and special calling to the spiritual world and has always believed he possessed a unique way to connect with his spirit guides, and at only 6, was called to a tarot deck, which completely carved his path into the world of spirituality and mysticism.

Today, he owns over twenty tarot decks. Wayne has given professional readings for over twenty years to his diverse clients who come from all walks of life, including Hollywood’s A-List Stars.

Wayne’s decades-long experience coupled with his deep passion for Tarot is proof alone that he takes the art of tarot seriously. He believes that divination through tarot can be a powerful tool to help you tap into life’s mysteries and can guide us through giving us a glimpse into your future.

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Wayne gave me the Clarity and Focus I needed to Make the Best Decision for My Familes Future! 5/5 Stars!!!

Jamie Valasek

Being able to book a 15 minute meeting directly on here was a game changer! Loved the simplicity and privacy and above all the reading was fire!

Joel Felix

Psychic Wayne, I submitted payment yesterday via PayPal for a 30 minute reading. This will be my 7th reading from you in about 2 years and I really look forward to it. Your other readings have been so accurate, although that was not always apparent at the time. Just wanted to drop you a line of appreciation.