January 2020 Astrology Course


Hey there, it's Wayne! My next class Beginning Astrology starts January 8th. All dates below:
  • January 8th
  • January 15th
  • January 22nd
  • January 29th
  • February 5th
Class will begin at 7:45pm EST - 5 weekly sessions via Zoom lasting 90 mins.
 Payments are $70.00 per week. *Dates are subject to change 

$30 to reserve your seat; $70 per week will be billed around January 7th-8th. 

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My astrology course will have the basic tools for beginners who want to learn real astrology. The lessons are to introduce this wonderful wisdom to you with a focus on natal astrology. 
Would you like to understand yourself and people around you better?? Learning how to read the details of a birth chart can help you do exactly that!! Winning at life is easier if you understand the cards that you have been dealt.
Your birth chart tells the story of potential, and what you can do with it. And then also imagine having that same ability with the other people in your life! 
Looking at a natal chart now may look like Chinese but I am going to help you in a fun and easy to understand way to read one. If you are going to sign up I need the commitment from you to do your part which is to follow along and STUDY!!