Learn Astrology Course With Psychic Wayne

The astrology lessons with me will have the basic tools for beginners who want to learn real astrology.  The lessons are to introduce this wonderful wisdom to you with a focus on natal astrology. Learning how to read a natal chart can be life changing not only for you, but for others around you. 


Looking at a natal chart now may look like Chinese but I am going to help you in a fun and easy to understand way to read one.  If you are going to sign up I need the commitment from you to do your part which is to  follow along and STUDY!!


Once you start to learn this stuff you are going to be so fascinated by it that you will want to study all day.  The knowledge you will gain from this will allow you to work with your own chart and others to create growth in this journey we call life.  It may seem complicated at first but be patient,  you will see that it is not complicated at all and a lot of fun.


The course will consist of 5 - 90 minute sessions.
Lesson 1 - What Is Real Astrology?, How Does It Work?,The Signs and Planets
Lesson 2 - Astrology Symbols, Birth Chart Layout
Lesson 3 - The Elements, Polarities, Qualities,
Lesson 4 - The Houses
Lesson 5 - Aspects


Lesson 1 February 13th
Lesson 2 February 20th
Lesson 3 February 27th
Lesson 4 March 5th
Lesson 5 March 12th


Payment Plan:
The cost is $75.00 per class. You will be be billed weekly via PayPal. There will be no refunds for missed classes, but I will supply a video recording in the event you miss a class.


The course will be taught by me in real time via Zoom.