Psychic Wayne is a third generation psychic currently residing in Southern California. He specializes in the Tarot, which he began to read at the early age of 6. Today he owns over 20 different decks. He has been doing readings professionally for over 20 years and his clients come from all walks of life — including some of Hollywood’s A-List Stars. Wayne is a very spiritual person, and at an early age had the ability to communicate with his spirit guides to interpret the cards to provide specific information on the individual being read.

Because of his many years of doing readings, Wayne takes his craft very serious. He believes the Tarot can unlock many of life’s mysteries through the divinations. For centuries many of the world’s great leaders were advised through the Tarot. It is even believed that the Tarot is linked to Atlantis. Atlantis was a highly advanced civilization that was said to use the Tarot along with Astronomy and Astrology to help define the future.

Also in Egypt the Pharaoh’s priest would go into the pyramids and throw branches at the walls depicting the cards. Wherever the branches landed would give the priest the answer to advise the Pharaoh. The Europeans used the cards as a way of planning their future as well. The cards also gave them hope when faced by restrictive and oppressive forces. There are as many as 622 plus decks in existence relating to all the cultures of the planet and each culture appears to have used the Tarot as a form of guidance in looking into their future.

Wayne listens to the Tarot deck to determine which deck will work best for a specific person by feeling the connection. One deck may work great for someone and not so good for another. Though often asked, Wayne cannot fully explain how he gets the answers to questions asked by people seeking advice. When the cards are laid out in front of him they begin to tell him a story that he that he then verbalizes to the person he is reading.

Plainly put — the cards are like getting a weather forecast of the future and to see the possibilities and an eventual outcome your choices will mean to that future.

The Tarot is a means we can use to accomplish our goals in the most positive manner and to teach us to choose a better path on our spiritual journey in life. When we choose the best possible choices we can have the peace, love and harmony in life that God has intended for each and every one of us.

Psychic Wayne can be found on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. He can be heard all over the United States everyday. Psychic Wayne can be heard in the Rickey Smiley Morning Show, Brian McKnight, 97.9 The Beat Dallas, 103 James the Fox in Toledo, Hot 107.9 Atlanta, Hot 92.3 Los Angeles, 100.1 The Beat Monroe, Louisiana, 93.1 the Beat in Amarillo, 105.7 The Beat Meridian, Mississippi, Mix 108 Duluth Minnesota and the list goes on and on.

Psychic Wayne is an Amazing Talent and someone who will keep your audience captivated and excited! For booking: 1-888-929-6307