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I just wanted to say that I am so grateful for so many testimonials about readings with me.  I have received countless emails from all over the world.  Clients have told me that my consultations have been enlightening and transformation to their lives.  This is why I do what I do.  I am honored and privileged to help so many on their life’s journey.  

While you are here, get facts about your zodiac sign, tips on understanding astrology and check out my latest celebrity birth chart readings!


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Celebrity Readings

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I would just like to write a small note of thanks to you.  When someone suffers the loss of a child there is no consoling them, yet somehow you seemed to turn my depression and darkness into hope and light.  There are not enough words to thank you for this.  You are an angel, Wayne.  No doubt after my husband spoke to you, too it helped save our marriage.
Maria P., Orange County, Ca
I never believed in psychics.  I thought all that stuff was fake.  My wife got me to get a reading with Wayne.  He blew me away.  He is the real deal!  I highly recommend Wayne to anyone who is in search of a real gifted psychic.
Dan, Newark NJ
I am glad to say that I have worked with Wayne for many years.  I have never been let down by his readings.  He is always on point and I always feel a sense of peace after talking to him.  He gives you hope in a world where you feel there isn’t any, and sometimes you just need that.  I am blessed to know him and even more blessed to have been able to find him.


Understanding Astrology

Jupiter In SCORPIO Finds Amelia Earhart

In previous posts I explained how SCORPIO♏ rules the dark,…

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